Types of RV Rentals in Denver:

rent RV pop up camper
rent RV R-pod camper
rent RV hybrid camper
rent RV travel trailer
rent RV class A
rent RV class C

When renting a drivable RV or towable RV, there are a number of points to consider. Let's figure out which type of RV rental is best for you:

Drivable RV Rental

Towable RV Rental


- Typical cost for week long RV rental: $1,900-$3400
- Mileage charges: $0.25-$0.60 per mile over the 100 miles/day.
- Gas mileage: 6-9 mpg for gas and 7-12 mph for diesel


- Typical cost for week long camper rental: $520-$810
- Mileage charges: Free/Unlimited miles
- Gas mileage: 10-15 mpg for gas and 12-18 for diesel


- Almost all drivable RV rentals have A/C, heat, bathroom, stereo, TV and water systems
- Some can be extremely posh and have the feeling of home
- Allow for the travelers to enjoy the amenities and sitting space while driving.


- Most towable RV rentals have A/C, heat, bathroom, stereo and water systems
- Higher end travel trailers can be posh and have the feeling of home.
- Pop up campers do not have as nice of an interior and actually feel like you're camping.

RV Rental versus Camper Rental

Drivable RV rental costs 4-6 times more than camper rental, but what amenities can you get with campers? You might be surprised. Travel trailer rentals from Colorado Camper Rental have a walk in bathroom and shower, flat screen TV, A/C, ducted heat, DVD/stereo, electric awning, etc.